Need to add extender to n600

How do I configure my N600 to add a Netgear WNR3500 which set up as an extender/repeater? Can it be done? How? 

The main reason is that I need to connect my DTV box to my N600 wireless network, but DTV box need a wire(cat5) connection.

The N600 doesn’t seem to find the WNR3500.



MORE Info: I have the latest firmware, so that is not an issue.

You’ve got t backwards.  You need to configure the WNR3500 to connect to the N600; not the other way around…

thanks tony. not sure what you mean. wnr3500 needs to be base station and n600 becomes the extender?

another question, how does the security get resolved. N600 doesn’t have WEP as far as I can tell, to I can’t get the security to match. does it matter?

more info:

N600 is set up nearly out of the box.

WNR3500 is set up as extender, I told it what the MAC addy of N600 is.

No, the N600 is the Router and the WNR3500 the extender.

But you’re saying the N600 isn’t detecting the WNR3500.    

It’s not supposed to-- you need to configure the WNR3500 in order to pair it with the N600.

I don’t remember if WEP is available or not;  the docs say it is… but WEP is ONLY available on B/G networks, not N networks, so if you’re setting the WiFi mode to N, then WEP will not be available.

WNR3500 is set up as extender, I told it what the MAC addy of N600 is.

I don’t know what that has to do with anything…  MAC has nothing to do with anything.

That is helpful. Verifies what I’ve already done.

I am not sure how they are going to get paired together now. I do have both SSIDs the same on each device.

The WNR3500 won’t allow me to set up security as anything but WEP when in extender mode.

I can verify that WEP was available when I disabled -n.

I need a compatible device with N600 that will allow a wireless to wired connection so I can connect DTV Whole Home to my network.