Need to access data from My Book World Duo Drives that are in a failed housing

Recently had the unit housing fail due to the fan dying.

The drives themselves spin up fine.

I have tried accessing them individually via a USB drive adapter, but have not been successful.  I believe this is because they were configured as RAID 1 in the housing and use whatever format WD uses rather than NTFS.

I have an entirely new identical unit (complete housing and drives - same model)… and I am thinking  I may be able to replace the new drives with the old ones and access the data that way.

I am not sure of the relationship between the existing drives and the motherboard.

Should I configure for RAID one, before replacing the drives?

What other steps?

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

Hello freind here is a good idea try contacting WD by phone to see if you could create an Advanced RMA you will be shipped a replacement first to try and recover your data or you can create  A Advanced RMA on the website take a look at this link