Need suggestion about the router selection of My book live

I gonna replace my old router with a new gigabit one to connect WD “my book live”. Can anyone suggest one for me? (cheaper and reliable is enough)

I was planning buy a  netgear one, but not sure which one is better for me. thanks.

I have a dlink dir 825 dual band and I haven’t had problems in like 2 years. Gigabit to the MBL, N to the laptop, 100M to the tv, G to the PC, kindle, two printers, and Wii.

Thank you, cman548. In my country, we do not have dlink dir 825 model, but we have dlink dir 865L, TP-LINK TL-WDR4320, or  NETGEAR wndr3800.  Do you think they will be OK, or I need some new modle item?  thanks again.

I love open source hardware! In a few words, I always buy hardware that will also have the option to install a different firmware if needed. Google for " Tomato" and/or " DD-WRT" if this option gets your attention.

Had a WRT54g since 2003 and running tomato for 3 years now.

But whatever you choose, make sure you get a router that supports 1gb and wireless “N”.

Also check CNET, as they review hardware pretty often.

Got the Netgear R6300 before Thanksgiving and its performing very well. its a bit expensive but the wireless range for both 2.4 and 5 ghz is fantastic. Its a full 1GB router with USB ports. I have my 750GB Toshiba usb drive connected to it and use that for my MBL safepoint backups.

Hi Lamer,

Well, to get the best suggestion, if would be good to get some details on what your needs and skills are. 

For my own needs, the N900 from WD was a good choice because it has 7 gigabit ports. As far as I know this is the only one in the price range who offers such a debauchery of Ethernet ports ! All others offer only 4, 3 for the Apple product. 

Other thing : do you need wireless ? Do you need an USB port to share files on your network ? 

That are all things to consider in your buying :slight_smile: