Need Specifics On Replacing Bad Drive

My MBLD has worked fine for a couple of years after buying it new but January 5 I had problems accessing it. I received no messages indicating there might be a problem but after numerous attempts at trying to restart it and never getting past a blue light I knew it was time to get help. The Manual and Knowledgebase only goes so far and has actually created a question because both were written assuming any problems will only happen during the warranty period which would make you talk to a live person.

Being out of warranty I sent it to a WD partner who determined Drive B is bad. So what I have is a WMBLD NAS unit (Raid 0) with a good Drive A and a bad Drive B. I was searching the forum and anywhere else I can on advice but find I still have questions.

My question: when buying a new WD Green Caviar drive, I found some that have the basic number for the 3TB drive I need, but do I also have to match up the the additional number in the model number. In other words, can I use a drive that just has WD30EZRX in the name, or do I have to match the MDL number on the drive that has the value WD30EZRX-00MMMB0?

Since it was configured with Raid 0, I’m not sure how long to expect the Raid Rebuild to take place but I will worry about that once I get the correct drive. I don’t know if I will then be able to grab whatever data was on the good drive or not but once that part of the process is done, then it goes to Raid 1 (learned a lot about RAID from this…just not the way I would have preferred learsning about it :frowning: ).

Drive with WD30EZRX Only

Drive with WD30EZRX-00MMMB0

Unfortunately, you have to match all the numbers. So, you’ll need to find a WD30EZRX-00MMMB0 in order for the Duo to re-establish the RAID.

You need to be aware that though Amazon is showing that drive, you may end up with with a different 3TB Green drive.

Thanks, Bill…that was my gut feeling but thought I’d check anyway. Yeah…I realize I run that risk of not getting what is pictured but I also have no problem returning the merchandise either. :slight_smile: The other challenge is trying to find a new one…seems they’ve all been used. To me that’s indicative of how much WD believed in their product.

Well, hopefully, you’ll get the right one on the first try.