Need SATA to USB converter for My Book

I have a 1 TB WD My Book that only has a SATA port, but I would like to connect it to a DVR that only has a USB port. Is such a converter available?

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Thank you for your help. I have done that and have seen this model, but my WD port is an e-SATA, about 1/2" wide and I wanted to be sure I’d have a match, since the port on the L side seems to have a right-angled ear, and my cable does not. Like this—but Monoprice tech staff told me they don’t carry any cable that would work—so I’m REALLY confused. Thanks for any help you can provide

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I don’t need a power supply, My Book has an independent wall-wart 12v. Here’s the back of mine.

I think i get it now … your WD drive is a My Book AV “DVR Expander”

Cable should have been included ?

sorry, i thought a cable like this would have worked ?

My supplied cable has a SATA on both ends. The cable you pictured is EXACTLY what I need. Where did you find it?