Need new AV cable

I just moved and have a new TV to deal with, (older one actually).

I have an older Sony 32" CRT, not sure of model. I have 3 inputs on the back that are video and two audio inputs.

As I didn’t use this cable on my old 46" flatscreen, I can’t find the cable and need to aquire a new one. Can I get one from WD, or will any generic cable work?


Check the FAQ at the top of this forum for details about the cable.

H) I’ve lost my Component Video cable (Or composite)

You can call WD Tech Support and order a new one, OR you can substitute Composite and Component cables by using the below colors of the other cable.

  • YELLOW is the same as GREEN, and is the “Tip” of the 3.5mm plug.
  • WHITE is the same as BLUE, and is the first ring of the 3.5mm end.
  • RED is the same as RED, and is the second ring.
  • The GROUND of all three RCA plugs is the sleeve of the 3.5mm end.

There are equivalent 3.5mm to RCA Three-Lead cables in stores, but the colors may not match.

Thanks - This is exactly what I was looking for!