Need instructions to use Sandisk cruiser glide USB 2.0 Flashdrive

Have 128GB Flashdrive, purchased over yr. ago. Haven’t been able to access instructions/app for activation on iMac/McIntosh/Apple Computer. You have no telephone number listed; would like to speak with real person, if you have telephone number but any help will be appreciated. Want to store files off. the computer, thought Sandisks would serve Hope. I haven’t made a mistake thinking so: Thanks,
William Reimann, Harvard Univ., Retired…

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Do you know how to plug it into a USB port? Do you know how to format the device? Once you complete those two steps you should be able to start placing data on it. Do you know how to drag and drop data or select data and then save it to the device.

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I don’t think that is possible… and the secret to eternal youth is not to speak to tech support.

You can figure this out. Try a new flash drive if not and don’t wait another year before plugging it in.

Why Isn’t My Flash Drive Showing Up on My Mac?

In order to use a flash drive on a Mac, typically all you do is plug it in via the Mac’s USB-A port. If it doesn’t work when you do that, it’s typically:

Bad connection
Bad USB port
Drive is bad
Drive is formatted incorrectly
Incorrect Mac configuration setting

That is a reference to the takeover of Sandisk by WD.

At a deeper level, Western’s woes date to the SanDisk deal, which was intended to diversify the company away from slowing hard drive sales. But the company’s market cap is now $8 billion below what it paid for SanDisk. The acquisition, Craig-Hallum analyst Christian Schwab recently asserted, “has played out to be a failure any way you look at it.”

I had a situation where the contacts on my flash drive just got dirty. Something got in there. Maybe you just need to clean the contacts. It was with my 8GB Sandisk. Even though it’s the simplest and slowest one, it still works. I bought it back in middle school, and it still holds my schoolwork that used to annoy me so much. Thank goodness I found now to write college paper, and I get them sent to my email right away. This is very convenient for me, since I don’t have to worry about the flash drive breaking.