Need helping with getting the movies info. . I am a new WD user using WD live tv hub

Hi guys, 

I have a WD live tv huband on it I stored a few movies in MKV format. Everytime I go to get info, it tells me "no conent info found from online database. It is using the default one (ithink)

The movie’s names are very common and are written as follows:

  1. Lord of War

  2. Slumdog Miliionaire

and so forth…

Why can’t it pick up the info??? Its driving me nuts…

The files are all just stored under one folder…


WDTVLiveHub/Slumdog Millionaire                

Any help is a godsend…

What is the EXACT filename? The example you have above has no extension.

Does the Hub have internet access? Is it plugged in via Ethernet or do you have a wireless adapter?