Need help with product replacement

I want my product replaced, because it does not work properly and I can`t figure out how to do it alone.

Hi did you run a test on the drive with WD data lifeguard you should do that first and see if the drive has any errors. You can go here to check your warranty and also start the RMA process. 

Well, the drive is not working at all. This is a lost case and I tried replacing it before but now it doesn’t work anymore.
The drive is overcooked on BSOD`s

I cant make the RMA. Your site is bugged … That is what i mean.

Hi OK sorry you will have to wait for a Mod to sort that. What error does the site give and you checked to make sure the drive was in warranty.

The drive has 5 year warranty and i baught it 2 years ago. The expiration date is 06.10.2014.

The error is


Serial number(s) already registered for the account :[Deleted - Trancer];

Hi OK on that error you will need to contact WD to sort it. Remember we are only users helping other users we do not work for WD.

Ok. I will contact them by email. Thx that will be all.