Need help with my remote

I need to sign in to a site, I can see the letters on the number buttons on my WD remote however I do not know hot to get to the letters instead of the numbers. Any help would be appreciated. It is one of the older units

All wdtv’s have a virtual on-screen keyboard which should appear.

Where are you trying to sign in ? Youtube, Facebook etc

examples of the keyboard

thanks for the reply Joey, but my remote does not have any semblance to a keyboard, however I did give my son-in-law my spare WD player and remote. I think I gave him the wrong remote as his WD was not TV Live. So I am requesting that replies be put on hold until I receive it back in the mail. But I do appreciate the help.

wdtv remote controls don’t have a keyboard

also, all wdtv remotes will work on all wdtv’s. eg. the picture below … both remotes will work on the WDTV Live, WDTV Live Streaming, WDTV Media Player, WDTV Live Hub etc etc

Hi Joey,
I see what you are getting at however I have this problem as follows I go to the WD menu then to Netflix. Netflix then asks me to sign in and gives me a window on the tv with user name and password spaces to be filled in. The cursor flashes in the user name space but how do I put letters in that area. the button 2 represents ABC but how do I get letters into that space. I do not have a keyboard on the TV nor on the remote. If you know how to do this a step by step details would be appreciated.

PS by the way the remote I have is the pic on the right.

Press the “OK” button on the WD Remote and then the “On Screen Keyboard” should appear

Have a read of Page 53 in the User Manual for more info

OK Joey will try it. Thanks

Hi Joey,
many thanks for all your help. Your suggestion solved my problem and have now been able to solve my problem. Ironically Telstra have released their TV box which has all the movie channels included . But again thanks.