Need help with installing a new WD black 2tb drive

I had this drive on standby now for a few months, I got it on sale and is supposed to go into my new gaming build but that has been on hold for awhile now and I needed the space for my current rig.

I installed the HD into my system and it booted up fine, except I am only seeing 100mb of availible space. What gives here? I think I may have goofed. I am going to restart and double check my bios and make sure the settings are set right. If that isn’t the case what do I need to do to get this fixed?

I am also having difficulty downloading the Acronis imaging software the speeds are extremely slow saying it will take approx 20 hrs to DL, but it never makes it past 24 mb at most. Is there a mirror DL site that maybe has better speeds? I need to clone my older WD 1tb drive to this new one once I get it working correctly. I had downloaded  the Acronis True Image software before but I think I uninstalled the program and deleted the install files…


I was able to get the Acronis imaging software downloaded and installed. I wasn’t sure which to use either gpt or mbr, I went with gpt eventually. After I did that I was able to initialize the drive in disk management. 

 There is one odd thing, I now have a drive “F” which is the original 100mb that showed up and now the rest of the drive is listed as drive “M”. I’d prefer not to have that and have it all listed as one single drive. 

Any pointers?

If I can figure out how to fix the above problem I will go and clone my old drive to the new one. Then I will change the drive letters around so all my programs will work. Wish me luck.


I wonder if the 100MB partition is the one Windows creates depending upon how you install it. For example, if I start with a drive with no partition and allow Windows to create it, it will also create a 100MB one for its own use. But if I put a single partition on that drive beforehand, Windows will not create the 100MB partition. Don’t ask me why Windows is inconsistent.

What’s the date of the 100MB partition? That will tell you if you could delete it and the larger one and then place one large partition on that drive. If the 100MB one is old, you cannot delete it, as it was created during installation.

The way to definitely determine if the 100MB partition is on the original drive or the new one is to disconnect the new drive (while power is off), restart, and then look at My Computer. Or use an external dock with it.

I removed the 100mb drive and I have transferred all my data over and am now using the drive s my primary storage/game/music directory.