Need Help Selecting the Best Ext. HD for Mac


Within the last four years, my second of two WD external hard drives (EHDs) has failed; I need to make a smart decision about replacing them. Both EHDs were “My Book Studio for Mac, 2TB.”

Going forward, here’s what I’m looking for. . .
• An EHD for my Time Machine’s backups; need only 2TB capacity
• An EHD for archival storage of thousands of photos; need only 2TB capacity

Because I lost data with both failed EHDs, I want to avoid repeating those catastrophes. I need to maximize the protection of data on both new drives. In effect, I’m interested in learning — once I buy two new My Book 2TBs — how to back up each drive: my backup drive and my storage drive.

To do that, do you recommend that I buy two additional WD My Book EHDs? That’ll be four in total.

  1. One EHD for Time Machine backups
  2. One EHD to back up that first drive that holds the Time Machine files
  3. One EHD to store the photo archive
  4. And a fourth EHD to back up the photo storage data

Or, should I buy two of WD’s “dual-drive” EHDs? If so, would they be as vulnerable as a single-drive EHD? If one of the dual-drive elements fails, would the paired drive in that machine also be affected by the partner drive’s failure?

I hope that I’ve explained myself clearly and that someone knowledgeable of WD EHDs will provide helpful feedback.

Thanks, in advance.