Need help in deciding

I am currently using a WD HD live player versus the free agent home theatre plus. I like the home theatre menus and navigation and the fact it  will show menus and scene skip on dvds the HD live does not. I like the dvd info as far as frame rate and bitrate that the Free agent does during dvd movie. Dowsides are lack of  video setting you do not get 1080p /24 close as I get is 1080p/50 then when I stream from my home computer when I do AVCHD movies that I have filmed it looses sound and I noticed during dvd playback VSO it has a shutter to the movie once in awhile and enough to know its there and to bug you. The HD live plays VSO fine and seems to be a bit better quality of picture but 2 things and maybe I just don’t know how to fix them and that is why any advise would help. The lacking of dvd menu or at least scene skip bothers me I can live with the long way to finally get to movie meaning device USB2 Video ts then finally the movie itself is there a setting for this or a better way? Second is that the free agent when I plug more than one hard drive via a USB hub (powered) it will nicely show every movie on them hard drives just as one Drive I cannot even get the HD live to display but only one of those hard drives I realize I can do them on separate USBs that the HD player has but I have alot of movies I am transfering and I will need alot of space. Any Help on these matters will be apreciated. The fact that the free agent is choppy just looses me I canot handle that