Need help accessing my 1 TB External Hard Drive

I cannot access my 1 TB external hard drive.  When I try to access it through my computer it shows that 550 GB out of 999 GB are free.  But when I open the drive, there are no files there.  I ran a virus scan, and it scanned all of the files.  They are clearly there but I cannot see them.  Why can I not access the files? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

You didn’t mention what OS you are using. If it’s Windows go into the Device Manager delete the driver for the external disconnect the drive properly both cables. Reboot the system then reconnect the drive and see if that helps. Sometimes the driver is corrupt and it will install a fresh one. I don’t know about Macs.


I’m using windows 7.  Thank you for the advice.  I’ll see if it works