Need help about Mainstream (WDBMYH5000ANC) and Blue (WD5000BPVT)


Are Mainstream (WDBMYH5000ANC) and Blue (WD5000BPVT) actually same products? their specs are identical.

Also I’m shopping online, I’d like to know how is the packaging for Mainstream and Blue products, are both in sealed plastic bags to protect them from humidity? are they protected aganst shock?

My laptop’s HDD is HITACHI HTS543232L9SA00, which product should I choose? Mainstream, Blue or Red? would I have same performance as my current HDD (HITACHI HTS543232L9SA00) with a Mainstream or Blue HDD? 


Hi yes all 3 of those drives are about the same in performance. The mainstream drive would come in a box with screws and a sata cable. The WD5000BPVT could be either retail kit or stand alone drive. The Red drive’s are not meant for laptop’s If you want better performance you would need to go to a Black drive. All WD drive come in a sealed antistatic bag.