Need Help. 1tb Caviar Blue Hard Drive is unreadable


I recently purcahsed a western digital 1.0tb Hard Drive from newegg to supplement my raid array.

But no matter what I do the Drive is unreadable by my PC. It’ doesn’t appear in Bios nor in Windows. I tried everything I could find and still nothing. I swapped the sata cables, disconnected all drives but the 1tb, etc etc. and still nothing.

Please help.

My system.

Foxconn A9DA-S Mobo

Phenom X4 945 cpu

G.Skill ram 2x4=8gb

GTX 460 1gb

Seagate 250hd x2

Western Digital 500gb storage drive

550w antec PSU.

Return and get a working unit! Simple!

Caviar hard drives are not recommended for any RAID systems, other than setting up “software” RAID with Caviar Green models.