Need advice on setting up WD Mybook Live, on Huawei HG256s router. (MAC LION OS User)

Hi, I am unable to get my WD Mybooklive to work with my new Huawei HG256s router. I am using Macbook Pro, so can’t install any auto config software that Western Digital provides.

It used to work fine with linksys WRT54G (simple setup, plug and play), but now i had to change to a new router (HG256s) because i upgraded my connection to starhub fibre broadband.

When i connect MyBooklive to the LAN port of the new router (Huawei HG256s), i only detected MyBooklive on a shared location, which i am unable to connect to. 

I have attempted to do port mapping, but it doesnt seem to work out either (Perhaps i did it wrongly) . 

Could anyone who manage to get these two device to work together please advice?

If you check the manual of the Huawei you should be able to find something.