Need advice for WD SSD

Hi, I’m planning to upgrade my HP laptop with a new Western Digital WD Green 480 GB M.2 2280 SATA Internal SSD but currently, there is 1 TB HDD on my laptop. Can I have both the drives working in my system at the same time? Also, how can I transfer HDD data to new WD SSD?? Please help…

I thought laptops can only have 1 Internal Hard drive … because phsycially there’s no room for another inside.

If you already have 1TB HDD inside the laptop then buying a 480GB hard drive is a Downgrade … i would recommend buying a 1TB or More, definitely not “Less”

I upgraded to an SSD very easily … bought the SSD, put it in an external usb enclosure plugged it in. Then used free 3rd party software (AEOMI Partition Assistant) did a “Copy System” to the SSD … when finished, powered off, swapped hard drives, switched on and was up and running again with everything on a SSD HDD :slight_smile:

Hi @JoeySmyth,

Thanks for clearing my doubts… really appreciate your help…