Need a PC Board for WD5000AAKX

I Need an exact BIOS match to recover data from this HD purchased in March 2013.

[Image deleted - Trancer]

I recently discovered the local company which built my current Desktop system cracked the SATA connector on this drive.  It did not fail immediatly, but when we recently went into the case to remove other equipment, the damage was discovered.  Now, the only way to recover a years worth of data, and possibly resurect the drive, is finding this PC Board.

There is no such thing as “an exact BIOS match”. Each PCB has unique, drive specific, “adaptive” information stored in flash memory, either in a discrete 8-pin serial flash memory chip at location U12, or embedded within the Marvell MCU. These “adaptives” need to be transferred from patient to donor.

The following PCB suppliers include a firmware transfer service in the price:

That said, if the broken connector is the SATA power connector rather then SATA data, then you could hardwire a legacy Molex connector directly to the PCB.