Need a copy of Advanced Format Software

HI I have a western digital Scorpio Blue drive. I got the system from a friend. I had to reclone the system back onto the drive. The original system was made with a 160 gb drive. I tried to download the software and because I do not have the drive reregistered to me I can’t down load it. How can I get this software? Seems odd that a free utility is restricted. 

I called customer support and the person said no you don’t need it so I read him the tech not on the WD site and he said he never herd of that. I guess he need to be retrained. 

I hope some one can help I need to fix this up and give it back to my friend soon.



here are the links that you need my friend;

wd alignment tool to advance format the drive and True Image WD Edition for cloning

am just sure if you need to register the drive so that you can download the files;

anyway if you are going to clone your laptops internal drive and you are not using a WD internal drive, True image will not work. because the drives “must” be WD only. you may want to try a thrird party software to clone your drive at your own risk. if you are rich, you can purchase the complete version of true image.