Need 2x4TB external HDDs for backup!

Hello everyone!

I have 8TB (4x2TB WDBAAU0020HBK that they have been fortunately proven very durable) but I think it’s time to make backups!

But it’s gonna be a one time backup, i.e. once the data are copied, they go straight to the waiting room (my library )

So when the time comes and my old “dogs” die, I want something reliable and durable.

Obviously, the best solution is 2x4TB WD REDs along with an HDD enclosure like Raidsonic IB-3620U3, due to 3 years warranty, reliable disc and better storage conditions with a fan.
But the thing is that here in my country , this combination will cost me $520 and is too much…

So, I am aiming at the cheaper solution of 2 external WD Elements at $370…

My main concern is that the HDD inside is a WD GREEN (WD40EZRX) and I’ve read that it isn’t very reliable (too many cycles from heads) and that


The mechanical parts are built with only so many parks/unpark specs. So they they have a tendency to die early IF the drive is randomly used.
Can this be true??

Cause when I’m gonna use them as primaries (when the old ones die), they won’t be ON 24/7, their data won’t change and their use will be very random, accessed maybe 1h/day.

I have to note though, that I have five external 2TB (WDBAAU0020HBK) for more than 3 years, and under heavy use they are still working great with no complaints,
and the HDDs that are internally are Caviar Greens WD20EADS/WD20EARS…

Or is it just a case where the saying “They don’t make them like they used to” applies?

Please, what do you recommend?
Do the Reds worth the extra $150, taking into account the use that they’ll serve?

Are the 4TB Elements so unreliable (considering the poor package with plastic case and heat)

that they even die if randomly used?

Thank you in advance!


Well, I did some thinking and since yesterday some things have changed…
I don’t wanna ripped of by my local stores here in Greece,
so I’m thinking of getting 2 from the US through my friend who lives there…

I’m between those (including hgst since WD bought them)

Should I go for the black one (yet expensive) to rest my head, or the HGST that also score highly in reliability?
Or I could do just as well my job with the Reds, plus adding a 2tb extra in total?
Go extra cheap with the Elements and maybe buy 2 every 1.5/2 years (provided that they won’t fail until then) or it’s pointless in the long run?
Of course there’s no guarantee with anything but I just wanna increase my odds!

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

If you are going to use the drives on a raid environment it is always good to have the most reliable drives. On cases like this something you need to consider what is the best option for what you want to do if you are better not spending so much money or if you feel safer spending more. Lets see if other users that have experienced different internals drives that can help you choose the better option for you.