Need: 1) WebDav, 2) Remote Management, 3) Data security


  1. WebDav Access (to read/write from iOS devices to ONE FILE) (support just repeats opening in their app)

  2. Remote Management and

  3. Data security in event of theft.

Anyone have an email address for support? Spend countless hours on the phone w/off-shore support centers only wasting precious time. Trying to email support and the support email link is an endless loop essentially forcing support through the phone (so the email links are misleading). Email addresses, or a way to speak to US state-side technical support?

Anyone w/an Apple Time Capsule and knowledge of port forwarding out there willing to help? I’m not an IP/Networking IT guy (just understad the concepts). WD will not support ‘non-wd products’ so they will not help w/the forward.

Hello there,

We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention with your post, and regret hearing that your technical concerns were not able to be resolved. We have passed this along to support please check you private messages.