Navigation shortcut(?) after re-start

I have a couple WD TV Live (Plus) units. I have my media on a My Book Duo. BTW, I love this combo!!! I’m trying to facilitate its use for my aging father so he doesn’t have to navigate through all the menus and folders to get to where the movies are. Each time the unit is turned off, it starts back at ‘Home’.

My question is, is there a way to make it start at the folder it was last in or better yet, at folder ‘Movies’? Know what I mean? I can’t remember the exact steps right now but if he wants to navigate to Avatar, he has to go something like, Video, media server or network share, MYPC,drive x, folder, media, Movies, A, Avatar. Unfortunately, that’s a bit much for him.

Is there a way to make it start at ‘Movies’?

I’m sure someone else has asked this but I couldn’t find anything similar using search here.

Thanxxx in advance.

Sorry, but as far as I know, there is no way to do that. This might sound crazy, but you can just leave the unit on all the time. It doesn’t use that much power.

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I guess the key word to search for was ‘Navigate’. I now see many threads saying this just isn’t possible.

Thanxx for the prompt response. Leaving it on may be the best solution.

Thanxxx again.