Navigation for video - jump 10 minutes at a time

Are you tired of trying to find positions in a movie at only 16X?  Well guess what I found.  Somebody at WD thought that was stupid too.   There is an undocumented way to move 10 minutes at a time.   Press the >> or << key to move 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x (it doesn’t matter which.)  Then while moving, press >| or |<.  It has to be the same direction as the >> or << you picked.  Each press will move 10 minutes or thereabouts in one jump.  I find jumping past the end or beginning sometimes causes problems but they’re no worse than what often happens with just the >> or <<.

It’s amazing what you’ll find if you just randomly press buttons.

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thanks for letting us know, that’s a great find!

By the way this is far from “undocumented” yet a little bit “obscure”.

Here you can find how to skip 10 minutes, in the user manual page 36, under “Video Playback Controls”:

Thanks anyway

mine skips ten minutes WITHOUT hitting the next button…if i just hit ff then play it automatically jumps ten minutes… weird… cant figure it out