NAS --> USB and USB --> NAS

i have a complete and verified backup of all my shares on USB using the WD App USB Backup (on the EX2 Ultra).

i am prepared to do a drive swap on the NAS, before doing so i wanted to know:

would using the App’s “Recover” feature work well for restoring the contents of all the shares i backed up onto the new drives ? the drives are new unused, so when i put them in i will create a new RAID and the only shares i think that will generate are Public.

would rsync be a better choice instead of doing it via the App ? i think rsync provides checksumming during the copy process, i am not sure what file copy method is used by the USB Backup app and do not know if it checksums the files it copies.


Please refer to the following KBA article:

thats a good list of resources, thank you.

where can i give feedback concerning my experiences with WD’s apps for My Cloud devices ?