NAS Setup + Cover Art

Just got a WDTV Live and a D-Link 320 NAS and have 2 questions:

  1. I’m browsing the NAS via Videos, then selecting Network Share. Is there a way to view just certain folders? I have to select Volume_1, then I see a list of all the folders, not just my movies folder.

  2. When a USB drive is plugged in, I can select options and grab cover art etc. This option does not appear for files on the NAS. How can I enable that option?

Many thanks!

Add the shares you want to the media library via SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / MEDIA LIBRARY MANAGER / …

OK, now viewing NAS content via Videos > My Library Media, gives me the option to Get Content info. However:

  1. In this view, it seems if I add or remove videos, the library doesn’t update. How can I update the library automatically?

  2. Although some titles seem to have automatically got covers + info, lots haven’t and I have to individually select ‘Get Content info’. How can I force it to go through each video and grab covers etc?

  1.  Make sure you’ve set the Content Source to “My Media Library” via the Red Button.   If you need to rescan a folder, just highlight the folder, hit OPTIONS / then RESCAN.

  2. If it can’t find a match based on the filename, it’s not going to get the info.   This often happens if the files are named awkwardly, or of the name causes multiple matches;  it’s not going to guess which of the multiple matches is the correct one.

Give me some examples of file names (exact file name, please) that it’s not matching.

Thanks for the reply:

  1. So I can’t make the box auto-update and I have to manually re-scan?

  2. OK, lets say The Towering Inferno.mkv - no attempt has been made to get the info but I can force it with the get content info and it picks the correct title. Oddly enough, I added a bunch of new MKVs this morning and its mostly these its refusing to get.

Its the same with TV shows, lets say Awake.s01e02.mkv - its refusing to automatically get any of my TVShow info.

Is there any PC software that can populate covers + info?

  1. Well, if you power it off and back on, it will do a full rescan.     But otherwise, the box would have to constantly monitor the file system for changes, and that has a tendency to keep things like NAS devices from ever idling their disks – I wouldn’t want that.

There are plenty of tools to out-board your content collection.  HubGen, ThumbGen, XML Fetcher, etc. etc…

Thanks. I deleted the libary and had the box re-index. Seems to have picked up most of whats missing. Seems odd it can’t seem to properlet detect new or re-named content without doing that. For example, just renamed The Terminal.mkv and did a manual re-scan and no info or artwork appeared.

Whats the option to ‘set auto scan schedule’?

So, the WDTV still isn’t scanning the NAS every hour as I set. If it is, its not adding the content it finds to the libary. Should it be doing this or have I missunderstood the function?