NAS RAID drives: Spin down or not?

Hi, I know the topic has been discussed to death on other forums, but i am looking for WD’s or other authorized members’ advice here. I have three new 4TB WD Blue drives working in a home NAS (please DO NOT get into the colour discussion here, blue, red, black, etc, thank you - this thread is not about that) in a RAID setup.

I use the share rather rarely, maybe once a day or less, some days a few times a day.

My question to the WD techs and other people is very simple: should i put the drives to sleep overnight or not? Spin them down or keep running 24x7? I want to prolong their life obviously. I have read that spindowns may be bad for the drive, so what if i have about 365 spindowns per year (ie. daily at night). Bad or not? Keep them running all the time instead? Thank you!

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Hi yogi799,

WD Blue hard drives are used to work as Desktop drives. Desktop drives are not typically designed and tested in 24x7 conditions, while WD Red drive is built specifically for NAS devices and is optimized for RAID and always-on 24/7 environments.

Hello Brandon, I full understand this, but can someone from WD answer the very “simple” question of whether it is better for a WD Drive to continously spin 365 days a year or go to sleep at night and spin up 365 days a year. Same answer will apply to both blue and red drives. I know from reputable sources that the spinning mechanism is the same in both blue and red drives, so could you please contact the technicians designing these drives to get the answer? I would appreciate it.

Unless the answer is “we don’t know” based on your quote: “Desktop drives are not typically designed and tested in 24x7 conditions”

Another way to phrase it would be: if I had a red drive, shall i keep it spinning 24/7 or put it to sleep every night? Same logic…

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.