Nas MyCloud Ex2 Ultra 16tb Disaster Simulation

i just bought a WD MYCLOUD EX2 ULTRA 16tb and upgraded to OS5 without any problem.
I configured with RAID1 mirroring, NOT encrypted. i filled with some not important files and then i simulated a disaster.
I turn off NAS and i used 1 of 2 HDD as external in a windows machine, i can recover my data using DISKINTERNAL LINUX READER, who recognizes my array and let me copy files.
My problem begin when i created a isci volume. it is named mammaepapa.img.
Here some data:
IMAGE FILE: Volume_1/.systemfile/iscsi_images/mammaepapa.img

when simulating disaster i copied mammaepapa.img that is 10gb volume, i have it on Desktop now. well, how can i recover data inside this img image? i tried to mont using win10 itself but it says it s corrupted.
Well, it s not corrupted because it still works fine (i mounted the drive back on the NAS and it works).

So my question is: i know how to recover data from Shares if NAS die. how to recover ISCSI files inside the .img file?
Thank you so much, waiting for your answer

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i answer to myself, even because in the future mybe i’ll need this help and i’ll forget how to solve.
To recover WD MYCLOUD EX2 ULTRA data from RAID use DISKINTERNAL LINUX READER (free for mounting one of HDD and recover (read only and copy in another disk) data.
To recover iscsi img file use “HDD GURU - HDD RAW COPY TOOL 1.10 FREE” and burn the img into another HDD, the same or bigger size. Then you ll have a new disk in linux partition, and you’ll have to use DISKINTERNAL LINUX READER to mount and recover data in read-only copy and paste in another disk (or into new nas)

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