NAS keeps making three media folders. How do i stop this from happening?

So, I have two Shares, one for Media, and one for personal files.

However, The NAS keeps creating three folders on each Share.

‘Shared Music’, ‘Shared Pictures’, and ‘Shared Videos’.

I delete these folders but they keep returning. What settings do i change to stop this from happening?

I have DLNA enabled, so i’m not sure if this behavior is tied to the media server functionality, if so, I want to keep DLNA enabled, but stop the device from creating these folders over and over again.

Thank you to anybody who replies.

it sure is … they are the default folders created for a Media Server (Plex, Twonky etc)

So is there any way to disable this without disabling DLNA?

unless there is some way of hacking it … probably not.

Built into the function/design of the Media Server.

Easier just to ignore the folders and don’t use them if you don’t want to.