NAS Home Use - Ethernet Query

Hello, I intend to buy new NAS My Cloud storage device however i have one concern as explained below:

I have a concealed wiring of CAT5 cable in my entire house and same cable is also used for wired telephone connection. As a result, out of 4 pairs in CAT5 cable two are used for telephone line and my DSL internet connection works on other 2 pair within same CAT5 cable.

Now my question is will this NAS My cloud drive would work with 2 pairs?

No. You typically/generally would use a separate dedicated Cat5e or Cat6 wire/cable to the local network router/gateway.

An explanation of the pinout assignments of a Cat5e cable is explained at this link:

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I also have a CAT5e pre-wired home, and the Ethernet, phone and TV separate distribution wires are in a distribution box. Also, get rid of DSL if possible. VERY old-tech, and get cable/fiber hook-up for TV, Internet and even phone if you want that, too.

Actually, it depends on the pairs.

If your DSL / Telephone are using pins 4,5,7 and 8, leaving 1,2,3 and 6 unused, then you CAN get it to work. But it will only work at 100mbit/second. Gigabit requires all four pair.

If you intend to operate that way, then you need to use an isolating coupler to detach pins 4,5,7 and 8 from ever touching the NAS. The 48VAC ring current will damage the interface on the NAS.

Now, that said, Bennor and Mike are on target – you really should use separate cabling if at all possible.


Tony, interesting details. Appreciate the info.

yes 1,2,3 & 6 are free …so it can work?

Possibly but at best you’ll apparently ONLY get a 100MB max connection to the My Cloud.

Any particular reason why you cannot simply put the My Cloud in the same location as the network router/gateway (assuming it has a Gigabit networking port)?

other two pair is being used for telephone line and i dont want to draw another line/cable where it wld look odd in house; no other reason as such.

when you say 100MB it would be per second read and write speed between my cloud drive and laptop/device?

Yes. As TonyPh12345 indicated previously, and the link I posted previously indicate, by only using two pairs rather than four you will be limited to approximately 100Mb/s at best between any network device and the My Cloud. Generally you will get a little less than the max 100Mb/s speed on a 100Mb/s wired Ethernet line due to network overhead.

100MB/second is the older speed of network file transfer. Gigabit (1000MB/s) is the newer and more common speed of home routers necessary for many devices today; especially faster devices that can stream data smoothly such as HD video…

100 megabit per second. aka ‘Fast Ethernet’.

Not fast enough! Gigabit is the “new” standard.

thank you all for your inputs…

I have one more concern, I use Apple, Android & Windows products so will I be able to access the My Cloud Drive and perform read, write activity w/o any drive format issues from such devices?

Of course you can access the My Cloud from iOS, Android and Windows devices. While on the local network simply use a file manager program or app. For remote access one can use either the web portal through their device’s web browser or one can use the My Cloud Desktop program for Windows/Mac or the My Cloud mobile apps for Android/iOS. WD pulled the WD Windows Phone app last year so Windows Phone users will have to use a web browser and the web portal for remote access.

If you have not already done so you really should read through the My Cloud User Manual (, it explains how to use the various features of the My Cloud and how to use them. Also see the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information. And see the My Cloud Learning Center ( and for additional information.

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I was clarifying the fact that the figures are Mb/s (mega_bits_ per second), not MB/s (mega_bytes_ per second).