NAS for education

I am teacher and I would like to make a NAS so as my students could long in and watch or download documenters, films or study material. Which is the cheapest model of WD NAS appropriate for this purpose?

I will let others inform you about a NAS, although there is another way to view excellent documentaries. See this link Free trial available, I have an account which I enjoy very much. With just an iPad and Chromecast device on a TV you can view them on the big screen.

You can visit the Learning Center and see what all is available and decide what you feel you need and will work for what you want to use it for.

Hi there! A few WD NAS models would be appropriate for your needs, but the cheapest would be the WD My Cloud 4TB. This model has plenty of storage space for documents, films, and other study materials, and it also has a built-in media server so your students can easily access and watch or download the files they need. I’m also a teacher, and I’m preparing my students to get an esl certification. Indeed these models are making a difference in the learning process. I almost forgot that The WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is also a great choice you might want to consider. Cheers!


You do realize this topic is five years old. I hope the original poster has already bought what was wanted.

Any WD MY CLOUDS four TB that a person can find now would be refurbished or old ones that someone else wants to get rid of.

Go to some WD store and ask a consultant about it, especially since there are a lot of online stores now; I think he can help you. It is better not to buy the cheapest NAS model, because the low price will not be of high quality. It is better to look for models from the middle price segment. For example, I study at one of the universities in Nigeria -, and we use My Cloud Expert Series X2 Ultra, which does a great job as a NAS HDD. And it costs about $150. I don’t think that’s very expensive, right?

There are of course a bunch of different resources on the Internet and also ways to download and study. But I trust only proven ones, especially recommendations. Recently had to find a dolls house essay, used this source for that. With me, many will probably agree that very often there is not enough time. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternative methods. I like your method. Moreover, you want to improve what would be easier for students, that’s great!