Nampohyu files on MyCloudEX2

On the 12th, all my files on the EX2 we’re encyrpted by the “nampohyu” virus.

Is there anyway to decrypt these files? Have lots of files i’d quite like…


Please let me know what to do. Trust within the WD EX2 is a tad low now, and im a little concerned if i re-add all my content again, the virus will kick again.

Please advise what to do next, and if any firmware updates will counter this;

Mycloud is just the same happened yesterday, have you found a solution.

Hi Boonp - no solution here. I restored back to factory default, and have began to restore my content.

A couple of things i have changed on the fresh install.

  1. IP address.
  2. Turned off remote access.

I was browsing other forums, and it noted that if your EX2 was placed in the DMZ, this would also attract attention. I have since then turned off DMZ from my router.

No solution but an additional resource is where some users seem to have had success with decryption.

For open ports a product found at grc shields up helped me to become less visible.