N900 with external USB drive


I am new here and I haven’t seen this topic.

I have recently connected a 1TB USB 3.0 HD on the N900 (without the internal HD) and I noticed that this USB drive is continuously doing stuff (light is flashing) and I hear it also physically.

It is an USB drive  I used to attach directly to my laptop but I decided to attach it now on my N900 so everyone/device can have access to my backup files.

On my laptop it went to sleep when doing nothing but now it doesn’t. I looked this at 2am and it was still sweating while nobody was accessing it.

I don’t like this as I am afraid it shorten my USB drive’s live very much.

Is there a solution for this?

Note: It is self powered by the USB and via an power adapter. I have activated everything except for the DLNA.

thanks in advance for your help.

Hi GTi01, do you have your USB drive mapped as a shared folder on your PC? 

Hi Ichigo,

No I haven’t shared this in windows.

I plugged it back in my laptop. And it goes back stead when I am not accessing it.

But I noticed that in some folders an additional file was created ‘.DS_Store’.

And in some not (yet). Those have tons of small files so maybe the thing is indexing the USB drive.

I’ll hook it back up on the N900 and leave it running for a couple of days and see what is does.


I am having the same problem with my My Net N900 Central. The HDD keeps on running & blinking all day & night as long as it is connected to the router. I am concern about the 2TB External HDD that I have connected to the storage router & what are the possiblity that I will loos the external drive & the data contained there in.

WD need to provide software patch for the router ASAP. :mansad: