N900 QOS set up

Can someone please tell me if it’s simple to just prioritise one PC for all network traffic? I can’t work out how to change the settings and what they are for. How will i know the ports etc? All i know is my PC ip address.

I just want to make sure my PC gets the game traffic over my kids TV shows etc…or even their gaming. 

is it possible?

Page 47 on the manual dude


As much as i appreciate any help…that didn’t really help at all. Your reply didn’t answer any of my questions. I have read the manual but don’t understand how it works. There are no examples and i didn’t think I needed to be a computer geek to set up a simple priority for a PC with this model. Otherwise I wouldn’t have paid $200 for it.


I’m almost sure that in your case you only need to enter the name, priority and Local IP range. You need to enter one for your PC and the other devices on your network, then set your PC priority higher than the others. For the IP range just repeat the IP address twice. Check page 48 of the manual.