N900 problem with port forwarding to static addresses

Port forwarding to a static IP address doesn’t work with the N900, anyone have a solution for this.


If have a N900 router attached to my ISP’s modem, connected to the N900 in a wired way is a device that has a static IP address assigned. DHCP is active on the N900. I put the IP/MAC adress of that device in the client table of the N900. And I put port forwarding active to that IP address on port 4001.

Port forwarding does not work. In the port forwarding the drop down of the known IP addresses does not contain my fixed IP address.

As test, I replaced the N900 by a d-link router  with port forwarding active… works from the very first time.

Hi Rarebit, review the steps on the following link. 

How to set up and configure port forwarding on a My Net router 

For my problem, I solved it.

It looked like portforwarding did not work, but it does :slight_smile: … I have a device (heatpump) that can be monitored remotely… the device has a fixed IP address and portforwarding needs to be done for 1 port.

What the problem was in the end… besides the fixed ip address, the device also used a fixed gateway…… what a lot of routers use as default IP. Because I didn’t know about the fixed gateway, and because the N900 had a different IP address the port forwarding seem to fail looking from the outside… the port forwarding works but since the device had a fixed gateway it couldn’t respond, so it seemd the port was “closed”.

It only hit me after a long search… I changed the IP address of the N900 to and now portforwaring is working correctly… it always did, while it did seem to look like it didn’t :smiley: