N900 printer setup

I set up my Brother MFC-240c printer with my N900 router and got it to print .  Now the printer just not show when I go into the WD Print Control center, but it does show up in Auto connect printer list.   How do I get it set up to print again?

Hi golfguy, welcome to the Community. Review the steps on the link below. 

How to use a USB printer over the network using a My Net router

Reopen the WD control center

Of course Greenet, I guess he is very thankful that you helped him with this thing, you responded very fast, 6 years is not that much of course. I think he should reset all the system and to try to connect everything again because it is happening very often. recently I bought a cardstock printer from https://www.palmgear.com/best-printers-for-cardstock/ for a pretty good price and I hade the same problem. I reseted the system two times and connected it again until I reached the needed result.