N900 MAC address filtering and Firmware Release 1.04.08

I just got a new N900 and upgraded to Firmware Release 1.04.08  although I’m having a bit of an issue with MAC address filtering.  I was running 30 wireless devices from my last router with 10 hardwired ports.

Apparently wired and wireless connections are controlled by the MAC address list.  This is fine however, I’ve run out of address slots.  


Go to advance settings and turn off Mac Filtering

All they have to do is open up more slots or not direct wired traffic through the filter.

30 wireless devices and 10 hardwired ports? You really should not be using a consumer grade router like this, if you are using more than half of those devices at the same time the backplane of any consumer router is going to bottleneck like crazy. Pick up a dedicated managed switch and a commercial grade AP, you’ll see a world of difference, you can still use the wd for a firewall and DHCP.

Why not?  All the devices are not in use at the same time.  Please explain how a managed switch or AP would help.  All the traffic is routed through the same DHCP algorythm with the MAC fiter…

All that needs to happen is to expand the available filter slots from 24 to 50.  It’s 1 variable in the code… 

Why do you have MAC filtering turned on?

If it’s for wireless “security” don’t waste your time, any wireless packet sniffer will tell you the MAC addresses for anything in the area, and you can set the MAC for almost all wirless network cards. 

I guess I’d just like to be hacked by someone with talent.  

If by talent you mean a 12 year old then yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Just use a totally random 12+ alphanumeric pass code and turn off any WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) “features” and that’s as good as you can really do. Filtering MAC is a waste of time, if they can hack a password they can spoof a MAC.