n900 freezes my xbox

Have had a n900 for a few months now and have had xbox freezing issues come to a head recently. My wired xbox stared freezing after a couple minutes of being on. It used to be occasional, but is now every time.

  1.  I went through the xbox online support suggestions and was ready to send my xbox for repair

  2. Realized I had a second xbox on wireless in the basement.

3 Brought it upstairs, same thing happens. 

4 Try it downstairs wirelessly, same thing.

5 Bring upstairs xbox downstairs and attempt to connect wirelessly, it tells me I have a NAT error and need to reboot the router. and then the same thing happens again.

  1. reboot the router, try wirelessly downstairs, works great, fully loads a game onto the hard drive (no way I could do that before without freezing)

  2. bring it upstairs, play a game, same thing happens

  3. disconnect all networking and I can play the game all I want without freezing

So its clear to me that its my router that is screwing things up, not 2 xboxes gone bad simultaneously. Any ideas what’s going on here?


Try to turning off fast track and see if the freezing stops

Still freezing 100% of the time with Fastrac and QMM off.

Still working perfectly when not connected to the router