N900 / FasTrack is seriously broken

I am now on my THIRD N900 with the first two being sent to me in the “hope” that it was something to do with the hardware. Sadly, they all exhibit the same issues. The biggest for me is that FasTrack simply does not work properly. I can set up priority rules and port forwards until doomsday and peer-to-peer or bittorrent software (like Tixati) will be incredibly slow. Turn off FasTrack and speed improves 100x. I’m not kidding. By a factor of 100. In addition, seeders & peers that weren’t sending or receiving anything suddenly come alive.

Secondly, with FasTrack enabled, normal browsing of remote websites will simply freeze every so often.

FWIW, I can swap my old ASUS wireless N router out for the WDC, use it’s QoS feature just fine and I have no problems doing this it all.

I bought the N900 because it has more native hardwire ports plus USB and cloud sharing. However, all that is secondary when the **bleep** thing just doesn’t work right.

After years of buying WDC products and thinking they were pretty good, the N900 goes down as a waste of money and a lemon. How any product manager / developer ever let this mess get out to the public is beyond me.

Hi SvenGollym, sorry to hear you experienced problems with the My Net. The My Net will give a low priority to torrent clients, but it should not make the transfer rate slower. Have you tried testing other torrent clients to see if you get better results?

Tixati is one of the best torrent clients for speed and reliability. I’m not sure what switching clients would do since the traffic would be the same. And why would my Asus router not have issues but the WDC router does? Regardless, I’ll give qbittorrent a shot when I get the chance.