N900 - Any new firmware?

My N900 keeps dropping its internet connection.  And believe me, I’ve tried *everything* suggested on these forums.  It just seems to get overwhelmed and shut down from time to time.

Just wondering:  it’s been five months since the last firmware update.  Will there be any more?  Or has WD stopped firmware development for this product?

Thanks.  =)


Hi Monual, have you tried doing a factory restore? This will remove any residual configurations that may be causing conflicts within your network from an update that did not fully reset upon reboot of the unit.

Have you read the other threads about external/WAN drops?




Questions 1 = Have you replaced your modem with a newer, less than 2 year old model from your ISP?  This has fixed all of my problems and others as well

If your answer is no, I strongly suggest it, and I would place money on the fault being your modem.  DOCSIS V1.0 will not work, DOCSIS 2.0 are sketchy, only DOCSIS 3.0 are solid

I have Docsis 3.0 modem and Mynet 900 router, how-ever my wireless conection keeps dropping and i reset the device every couple of days…i have turned of QOS



I also have tried everything including 2 RMA units from WD with the same results on all 3 units.  I have finally resorted to using the unit as a access point and that does seem to work without faults.  It has also been mention to change my modem.  I have fiber to the home so my modem or whatever equipment is used for fiber to the home cannot be replaced.  I have wasted $140.00 plus $13.00 for shipping the worthless units back to WD.  I have spent way to much time and money on this worthless router. 

I replaced ny N900 with an ASUS RT-N66R and have had no further issues.  Solid connection for weeks now.

I switched to an Airport Extreme and have had no problems.  My fresh out of the box N900 and my replacement N900 are **bleep**'s.

Sorry I spoke to soon the worthless access point is also locking up and rebooting.