WD N900 Problems Fixed - Apologies To WD

I have to state that I have been a long time, negative person towards my N900 non-central. I have publicly slammed wd numerous times regarding this router. There have been many issues with firmware and stability. I have finally found the solution to my problems and it was not WD’s fault.

I have time warner roadrunner Internet. I have been using a docsis v1.0 modem for almost 5 years with zero issues. It have been a rock solid modem and never was suspect to my problems. It was an old surfboard 4630 I think, very old.

I have been beating up time warner to issue a new, docsis 3.0 model to me in order to rule out all of my hardware. It took some small threats to twc for this to happen as all was good with the old unit and the swap was deemed unnecessary. After receipt of my new modem all WD N900 problems have disappeared.

I am running the latest firmware on the router and I have had zero problems for over three months now. No reboots, no anything. Simply perfect operation. I must state that I feel like a complete jerk after all of the rants on here. I will state that for some reason the wd router is senstivie to the modem docsis level and firmware. If others have issues with their routers, I strongly suggest a modem swap. I have increased the n900 throughput, no wan drops, and my uptime has been 100% for over three months with all features turned on and using the wd to the max. I can absolutely saturate the network and cannot bog it down or cause it to fall over. The usb external drives are still slow but stable. For what it is worth, I am sorry.

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I am glad your issues have been resolved, and I would like to thank you for your feedback and contribution. I am sure it will likely help other users in the WD Community.