N750 Wireless Client List?

I am running my WD MyNet N750 in bridge “Extender Mode (Wired AP)” mode.

I need a list of currently connected wireless clients.  A simple table with:

MAC, RSSI, Transmit rate (neogotiated rate), MCS Index, Band, Mode [A,B,G,N]

Every other router or AP I’ve owned provides this information.  It’s also the easiest way to see who’s on your network, including intrusion.

You could also include IP and Hostname and wired clients but that’s probably more practical for router mode.

Am I missing something or does this access point not even list the number of clients?

Try using the net diagnostic tool to see the number of devices on the Net and Diagnose any problem

Net diagnostic tool?  Where’s that?

On the CD, or available via download.

Are you talking about WD’s “My Net View”.  That just does a simple arp -a, but doesn’t say anything about client signal levels or which are on wireless and which are wired.

If you’re talking about about another piece of software I’d appreciate a link.


have you made any progress on this? I am also running my new N750 in bridge/AP mode and want to see wireless client status. It seems that the WebGUI is severely limited in AP mode.

Regards, Richard

No progress :frowning: