n750 as a bridge?

I want to set up the n750 as a bridge to my current wireless upstairs - is there a way to do this - ap mode seems to depend on me connecting it to a router wth an ethernet cable - I want to use it as a wireless bridge and use the ethernet ports for the devices downstairs. 

As you have stated, currently the AP mode only works with a direct connection to the router. You can try making the suggestion in the ideas section for future firmware updates.


There is a work-around however instead of using the internet/wan port you will have to plug the ethernet cable into one of the 4 ports.

The easiest solution is to use a laptop and plug it into the router via pattch cable.  Then allow the router to start with it’s DHCP service running or set a static ip for your lan interface within the subnet range (eg., log intot he administration menu of the router and proceed to lan configuration settings and turn off dhcp. You should still have access to the menu (it may wish to restart so please let it do so.

Once this is done proceed to the wireless settings and proceed to configure the security you wish to use, good rule of thumb is to have the wireless enabled on your laptop enabled to monitor the network to ensure it can be seen.

At this point I would recommend that you make a connection to the router through wifi and disconnect the lan cable, the system should prompt you to enter the login details and then I would recommend you change the ip to a static one in the subnet range you wish to use so if required you can access the settigns from any point of your network considering that you have another dhcp service running handling the requests.

Bear in mind that this configuration is based on the premise that you are connecting the N750 via a network cable as I am picking up this unit this morning I cannot elaborate it running as a WAP purely from wireless.