N750 and Arris SB6183 Compatibility?

I have been using My Net N750 for a few years now without any issues. I have cable internet and since am paying for 50 MBPS speed and not getting that with older modem, upgraded to Arris SB6183 (DOCSIS 3.0) yesterday. Since then, having some intermittent internet issues. Please Help!!

I do have internet service and I have the speed that I’m supposed to have (checked with speakeasy and speedtest), but it is not consistent. Sometimes, the bandwidth test fails to complete or starts and stalls and starts again. Netflix (on TV) fails to start, but starts after multiple attempts. Webpages either load really fast or sometimes stops loading midway; you get the idea. This happens under both wired and wireless connection to the router.

I connected directly to the new modem and did multiple tests; all seem fine. Only when going through the router I see these annoying intermittent issues, which I did not have till yesterday using the older modem (speedtests with that one were in 10-15 MBPS range).

Called my ISP and they checked things on their end; no problems found. I reset the router to default settings and have power-cycled everything quite a few times, even leaving them unplugged for >1 min.

I am not a networking guru or a expert by any means so please help! Did I get a modem that just does not like working with my router? Are there any settings that have gone awry? What should I do to better diagnose the problem? I do not have a spare router to try out.

Thank you so much!!


Have you tried using a different set of Ethernet cables?

Are you connected to the router wired or wireless?

Hi there!
For connecting to the router, I’ve tried both wired and wireless and that too both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Same intermittent problems on TV and 2 laptops.
I have also tried changing the Ethernet cables. Today, I tried a newer cable for modem-router; same story.
So there… I’m ready to pull my hair out.
Anything else I should try?

Yes, but first I want to say I think the issue rests solely with the new modem, because all worked fine with your system before. I know you said you connected directly to modem and all is OK, but the only output of a cable modem is same as older one : the Internet signal. No adjustments to modem need to be made (any updates for it come directly from ISP.). I have an earlier model of your modem; a Motorola (now known as Arris) and, I have a N750 router (I have set four up for others, too) and no problems. .The N750 is my “spare” router (that has been set up already) in case my main router (an ASUS) were to suddenly fail.

You probably did this, but I will ask anyway: Did you notify your cable provider you changed your modem?. They need to de-authorize your previous one and authorize your new one; they want its MAC address. I have no idea how things would work if someone did not do this.

Hopefully, you long ago updated the original firmware in the 750, it needs the latest version.

Your modem only handles your internet signal, so have you disconnected it and tested the router-only on your home network devices? This could indicate (or not indicate) router problems.

I think you need to contact Arris support and see how they can help; especially since it is the new (un-tested) device.

Mike, I hear you. I had the same thoughts. I tried direct (wired) TV to modem and that worked too. Only when going through the router I was having issues; mostly with Netflix on TV.

Spoke to Arris and according to them the modem seems fine (of course!) and I need to contact my router manufacturer.

I just reverted back to my old modem and everything works even with the router in place. I’ll monitor that for a few days. If so, then the new modem is most certainly not playing well either as-is or when placed behind the WD N750.

I’ll update you guys; may be this is a compatibility issue. Thanks!!

Jay, if I may be frank with you, the reason I and some friends and relatives have N750 routers is because the entire MyNet line of products was liquidated by WD well over a year ago. We picked up the N750, brand new, for $20 each (there still may be some to be found new and near that price.) At this bargain price, how could anyone go wrong if they needed a better router than they had.

But, even so, it might be time for you to pair that hot new modem with a better router. When I added my DOCSIS 3.0 that is what I did, and selected an ASUS model that was chosen PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice at the time, and I still like and use it. It gets updated firmware frequently. I believe the N750 has only had one firmware update. It’s working well for the folks I suggested it to, and some are paired with a modem similar to ours. But, these folks have somewhat fast internet speed, I have very fast (well over 100Mbps). I pay extra for it, and I want to be sure my gear is up to the task.

Anyway, good luck with things.