Mystic Unallocated space

i have Western Digital, 320GB, SATA HDD, WD3200AAJS-00B4A0
There can be 7,84MB Unallocated space begining of the hdd or 10.34mb Unallocated space end of the hdd.

Is it any matter where that Unallocated space locate is in hdd.(speed or something else)?
Where it normally should be? beginning ( 7.84MB) or end (10.34MB) ?

HDD is normal use C: windows7 x64, and rest of the HDD is partioned 4 logigal partition

This unallocated space can only see with special software like Easeus partion master
and that space is important to be there ( i think so ).

thank you :slight_smile:

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You could try different partition schemes to confirm if partition size or number of partitions affect the unallocated space.

thank you for reply :slight_smile:

-If i drag all partions to beginning of hdd, that unallocated space appears to end of hdd ( 10.34MB)
-If i drag all partition end of hdd, unallocated space appears to beginning of hdd ( ~7.88 MB)
That unallocated space is not inside of partition.
Main question is that, where it normally should be end or beginning of hdd?