MYRIAD of issues with EX4

  1. Network connection is lost intermittently without explanation.
  2. System shutdown lasts indefinitely, which means having to remove power and then wait for a VERY long integrity check, both with and without USB drives attached to the unit.
  3. Web interface hangs after about 1-2 minutes of use, if that long, so I can’t even get to the setup page in an effort to enable SSH and access the device via a terminal session.
  4. Device responds to pings consistently.
  5. Device does not respond to a “wake” command from WD software client, although it sometimes will (at least) be detected by the client as being present on the network.

Configuration details (4x4TB, from factory):
a) Drives are not set to sleep.
b) Firmware is latest version as of 3DEC2015.
c) Connection (in an effort to aid troubleshooting) is direct between Mac and device (both with static IPs in same subnet, e.g., 192.168.x.x/24. Normally, I connect directly to a 1G port on my Netgear R8000 firewall/WAP).
d) 500GB of storage in use – irreplaceable data if forced to reset the unit to factory defaults
e) Ethernet settings are 1000M/Full. (Auto-negotiate is not desirable, as often this results in a duplex mismatch anyway.)
f) Attempting web interface access via both Safari and Chrome. (And before you claim the problem is Chrome, let’s not forget that Chrome represents nearly 70% of the browser market as of November, 2015.)

Side note:
I’m a network engineer (CCNP, etc.), with 23 years of networking experience - IOW, I know my way around the technical aspects of things.) The device is less than six months old, purchased from Amazon.)

HELP! Please, WD. You marketed this device with claims of support for IP cameras via a third party app that was never made available. In short, I’m beginning to think purchasing this unit was a mistake, particularly since you cannot provide (1) consistent performance (if any performance at all), or (2) support the functions advertised. What gives? My professional opinion at this point is that this box is a POS, especially given the price I paid for it.

Hello there,

You could try to do a Factory restore system only which will not delete any information from the unit in order to troubleshoot. The way that the data on the unit is actually erased is if a quick or full restore is done. However the settings will be reset to default. Hope this helps.

This link might help you out:

I am having basically the same problems and I am on my second unit. I bought the first EX4 a couple of months ago and after 10 to 20 minutes all four drive lights would be a solid blue and then the unit would be inaccessible until I pulled the power cable out. After trying over and over to try and get it to work longer than 20 minutes, I called WD and they said I needed to get a new unit. I am having the exact same problem with this one. I lost about 1TB of data from the first one and now I have 5TB of data that I was able to sync with this one over the last few weeks that I cannot access except for around 20 minutes at a time. This was a lot of money for me to be such a pain to use.

I’m also having the same issues with my EX4 12TB NAS. I get random errors and consistent hanging that requires the power to be unplugged and then plugged back in to get it restarted. Some of the errors I get are “Power Supply One Failure” and “Power Supply Two Failure”. Often times the front panel just blinks and all the blue hard drive LEDs just blink together and I’m unable to access the NAS from the Dashboard. Usually when this happens pressing the power button to “off” does nothing so it needs to be unplugged from the power. Also, these errors seem to occur more frequently if a WD external USB drive is plugged into the EX4. I’ve called tech support twice now and so far they have been unable to resolve the issues. The first time I called they said they were aware of the problem and that it was caused by the latest firmware update (2.10.310). They informed me they were actively working to resolve the issue and I’d be getting email instructions on how to fix it once they get updated firmware to fix it - that was a few weeks ago and still no action to resolve the problems with the EX4. I called again yesterday (12/21/15) and was told to expect a call back within in hour from an “elevated” tech expert to get the issues resolved. The call back did not occur for about 6 hours at which time the work day here had already ended and the voicemail just said I needed to call back.

As of the new firmware, external USB drives will overload the system and cause it to spend days in high-CPU state as Twonky and other pieces of software lose the plot. I have spent way too much time trying to figure it out and have come to the conclusion that it is too difficult. Remove the USB drive, reboot and the EX4 should behave normally.

If you se the USB drive for backups - use the USB drive to provide backups of the EX4 from your host machine.