Mypassport wireless pro 1.04.17 ssh disable wdmc?

Can anyone instruct me, how to do this?
I enabled ssh, login as root, but the lines I read, don’t seem to work.
Like there would be no such file / dir.

I am not experienced in linux, I can only follow instruction.

The continuous write sound is terrible, painful to listen to…
I is a shame, there is no easy way in the menu to really disable the unnecessary services, like generating index pictures.

Is it possible to format sd card via ssh? It should be possible, it could be in the menu sytem, what a wasted opportunity.

My other enemy is the apple Files app on Ipad Air 4.

Both company is making top of the line products, and sometimes make them (intentionaly?) unusable in certain situations?

This way it seems to work.
The drive is silent now.

cd /etc/init.d/

chmod a-x S85wdmcserverd

chmod a-x S92wdnotifierd

chmod a-x S55netatalk