MyPassport unable to power down in windows 7 and vista after "safely removed"

good day wd community,

I have a wd3200 mypassport portable drive. Unlike in windows XP, it is unable to power down (as indicated by its LED) after being safely removed in windows 7 and vista though I’m quite sure that the “…Can now be safely removed” balloon notification appeared already. Why is that? What can I do? If I continue ejecting it without making sure that it powers down first, my drive may encounter internal problems such as corrupt files or some sort. Please help me. Email me.Thanks

Many of us have seen this issue, it could be the windows OS won’t let go the USB driver.

As long as you wait a few seconds before attempt to unplug the drive you should be safe.

Or if you not write anything to it, you should be able to unplug the drive without corrupting the data.