How can a hardware company warranty ONLY the hardware if it DOESN’T WORK?!

WHY does the company not hire techs who can RESTORE data for customers???

What GOOD is a storage device if it becomes corrupt and RUINS a life or hundreds?

The My Passport device is not worth the postage to send it back. They only ERASE the whole thing! Want to recover the data?..all those precious documents and irretrievable photos of your LIFE!!! "Oh…SORRY! You have to go elsewhere to do THAT! We’re just the hardware maker…

Oh and by the way, it’s manufactured in MALAYSIA! What’s the quality control THERE!!! Maybe it’s a bit…oh, I don’t know…DIRTY THERE??

If you can’t trust the storage device to do its job, what exactly are we paying for???

This company ■■■■■!!

Hello there,

I am sorry hear you had this experience, however if when you connect the drive you are able to see it on the computer, you can try to run a data recovery software perhaps this can help.

Frankly,I suspect massive user error here.

Kiss off.

Tom, there are only a few legit reasons why all data is deleted (or as you call it, “erased”) from a hard drive.

One deletes data intentionally or unintentionally. Perhaps you selected to format the drive for some reason, or since it appears you may be using a Mac, you answered YES when the Mac asked you if you wanted to use the drive for the Time Machine Apple backup program. This will reformat a drive, too. In any of these cases all data is gone,and it is caused by user error.

And, besides, anyone who has his “life” on a single hard drive is taking a HUGE RISK of not having a back up of their “life” on another HD. The question is really not IF a drive fails, the problem is WHEN; what if disaster strikes, or the HD finally breaks down? They all eventually will. Again, “user error”.

So back off Dude, I am being nicer here to you than you deserve,

Since you recognized Alfred, I assume you aren’t some snarky young person, but rather a grumpy old man. In either case, get over it; you made a big mistake. So, don’t blame anyone but yourself for your current problem.

I didn’t format the drive or REformat the drive. It’s corrupted. A small but salient point, Mr Patronize. And don’t you dare judge me.

OK, it’s “corrupted”, whatever. Bottom line is, it is unusable now. It could have happened to any brand of drive, because they are all assembled in third world countries where labor is cheaper. So what’s that got to do with anything, anyway? Nothing. The bottom line here is you did not have your drive backed up, and that is the root of the problem now.

To come into this forum with both guns blazing was uncalled for. This place is a “family show” ya know. Now, you can buy another drive; of any brand, because they all eventually fail anyway, Actually, buy two drives, so one can be the backup.

Hello guys,

Please keep it friendly. Remember we are all here just to share ideas and help each other.

No problem, Hamlet, I have nothing additional to say to the OP. Also, I have no guilt feelings about my part of the conversation whatsoever.