MyPassport Backup failing in Windows 10

since migrating to a new desktop PC with Windows 10, my WD MyPassport is failing to backup continuously.
I think I’ve downloaded all the latest software and firmware.
Also: is there a way for MyPassport to purge files that I have deleted on the HDD that is being backed up?


Assuming you are using WD Backup, please define what you mean by “continuously”. The software provides a means to schedule backups on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis, but nothing for continuously.

There is no software way to delete from the HDD files that have been deleted on the PC. To do so would prevent recovery of files that were accidently deleted. The copy on the backup drive is moved from the main folder “Volume…” to the recovery folder “History”. Deleting the files in History is very dubious.


Thanks for replying Cliff,
I can see the point about not purging HDD files that have been deleted at source.
But my WD SmartWare does have an option to backup continuously, i.e. immediately after every change.
However, automatic backup has somehow stopped working (whether continuous or nor not), and I’m suspecting something is out of date.


I’m no longer using WD Smartwre and not familiar with the options. Did you update your version.? Did you get a version for your HDD drive. There does seem to be variations depending on the drive you are using.

Best I can offer.


I’ve updated as much as I can.
I’m now trying out other backup software.